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Welcome to Ultimate Parrots

a home for Parrot by parrot lovers

Having raised small parrots such as lovebirds and English budgerigars for many years (as well as hand-raising our own larger parrots as pets), we have put together all kinds of information on bird health, dangerous bird toys, wheatgrass (the ultimate health food for parrots), recipes, and a well-researched reference library that links you up to some of the best information on birds available on the web today. We are a growing site, so come back often. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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Get to Know Ultimate Parrots.

We have a passion for birds, especially parrots! We hand feed & hand raise wonderful companion parrots and are not here just to sell them, we are here to educate and match a companion parrot to your lifestyle. We also carry Reptiles and small animals too! We LOVE all these amazing animals and wish to share the joy they have brought into our lives with you. We are as committed to our customer's animals as much as we are to our own.

Ultimate Parrots offers cages, food, toys, education, lightning, crickets as well as other feeders. All of our parrot babies are raised right here. They receive socialization, plenty of attention, and especially LOVE, while being weaned and socially developed to maximize their companion potential.

What Customer's Say

Our pet's health and well-being are our top priority.

macaw parrot shop near me
I just wanted to pass on a picture of our pup we purchased through Ultimate Parrots last year. This picture of Remi (previously Ralphie) was taken after a day of pampering and the dog park. He is the heart of our family from his snorting to his snuggling. What an awesome little man we have.

Michel My Baby

black palm cockatoo for sale california
We thank you so much for our little guy. He brings us happiness each and every day. We always remember you telling us that i know what will be good for you. You were right! Deuce is the best dog we could have ever hoped for. Would be hard to find another like him. You broke the mold with Deuce. Next month he turns 4 months old. Here are some shots I think you will enjoy. We will be back one day to get another one.

Alex Todd

giant black palm cockatoo
We were introduced to Top Quality Ultimate Parrots by a good friend that had found them on google and we looked at their account and saw the quality of their Parrots and reached out to them. They were very welcoming and patient in answering my ton of questions. The transactions were smooth and not rushed. Shipping was quick and painless. The highlight was getting our boy, he was AMAZING! Much nicer then all the pics we received, he is truly gorgeous and sweet we are in love with him… thanks again guys we are blessed!

Oliver Lucy

african grey parrot in australia
"I have been paying these Parrots a visit for the past few days. I find the staff warm and friendly and very knowledgable. The store is always very clean and the animals are healthy. I have gotten a parrot from here and it is a blessing. I purchase my supplies from here and they are very affordable. This is always my first choice for pets and supplies. I won't go any where else!"

Christiana Beauty