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General Question

In the event your parrot develops an illness or untreatable, life threatening defect we will offer you another parrot of the same sex, breed and quality for which you paid. You will be responsible for the delivery fees only for your new parrot local or international. When making a claim we require you send us a copy of your initial vet exam and any finding upon that initial exam. We are allowed up to 6 months to replace your parrot as there may not be one available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Parrots has a business bank account (for Purchase above $3000) and we accept wire transfer as well ( For Purchase Below $3000). We will accept wire transfer, bank transfer payment etc.

Ultimate Parrots has Locations in Houston, TX, Las Vegas NV but, owner is located in California.

Yes we have several shipping options for our Parrots. We can arrange for shipping and it is very safe or with nanny for extra $ service.
parrot DIRECT SHIPPING SERVICES THAT ARE OFFERED FOR FREE We can ship direct to you to all cities. . Please CONTACT US for international rates.

It depends on the parrot being purchased as we only deliver a parrot once we will feel that parrot is ready to go to his/her new home. Some Parrots may require extra time with us and you will be notified if we feel a parrot is not ready to go home yet. We do not give out to young Parrots.

We set up all delivery and shipping for your parrot via the airlines. parrot nanny is available for an additional fee.

We include the following with each parrot purchased from Ultimate Parrots: crate, health certificate ( from breeder ), 30 day or 1 year warranty health Warranty, food menu, AKC papers and other vet records..

Yes we do offer discounts for purchasing two Parrots at one time. Inquire for more details.

Yes you may fly to my location if you can make it. Speak with us first after your Ultimate Parrot arrival before booking flights.

We do try and keep our website up to date with new photos weekly. If you are requesting a new photo of an Ultimate Parrot parrot we like a guarantee that you are serious buyer and do request a holding deposit of $300. If you decide after seeing new photos or videos you do not want to purchase the Parrot you requested new photos of within 24 hours of paying deposit we will refund your deposit. After 24 hours there will be no refunds and the deposit will only be transferable to another parrot.

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