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Welcome to Ultimate Parrots

Every pet's health and well-being is our top priority.

Having raised small parrots such as lovebirds and English budgerigars for many years (as well as hand-raising our own larger parrots as pets), we have put together all kinds of information on bird health, dangerous bird toys, wheatgrass (the ultimate health food for parrots), recipes, and a well-researched reference library that links you up to some of the best information on birds available on the web today. We are a growing site, so come back often. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

We have a passion for birds, especially parrots! We hand feed & hand raise wonderful companion parrots and are not here just to sell them, we are here to educate and match a companion parrot to your lifestyle. We also carry Reptiles and small animals too! We LOVE all these amazing animals and wish to share the joy they have brought into our lives with you. We are as committed to our customer's animals as much as we are to our own. If you are interested in our Ultimate Parrots For Sale, please fill out the parrot Contact Application. Each Parrot parrot is extremely special to us and we prefer that our Ultimate Parrots For Sale go to very loving pet homes. The deposit to reserve one of our Ultimate Parrots is $400. The deposit is Fully transferable to another litter but is non-refundable.
Our Ultimate Parrots Prices start at $850 We hope you’ll be back for one of our adorable little MALE or FEMALE. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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Health Guarantee at Ultimate Parrots

Here is what you need to know about Ultimate Parrots. We offer lots of advise to all our customers and the entire world. Take your time to read through this page and you will know more detailed information about Parrots For sale.

Our Parrots For sale are offered with a 7 days Health guarantee for illness/virus which the parrot does require vet check upon arrival to the new owner within 7 Days. Seller does require your vet send us a formal report of the initial 7 Days health check via fax or email within 7 days of arrival. Without a copy of this vet report your guarantee is considered null and void and no further claims will be accepted on the parrot for any reason. If you have a claim also send it to us at the same time of the vet visit . We will require a copy of the original health check from your vet if a claim is made on the parrot. If you cannot provide proof of the initial vet check within 7 Days your claim will be denied and no future claims will be accepted on the parrot.

Parasites of any kind are not covered in our guarantee as they are common in all Parrots. We do treat our Ultimate Parrots from parasites but the is always a possibility for reinfection being around other Parrots.

We do offer a 1 year warranty for Ultimate Parrots. Parrots over the price of $1500 for life threatening, untreatable defects including and limited to heart defects and any organ disfunction and this does not include any treatable disorder. All pups under $2000 are sold with limited 30 days guarantee from the day of receipt. We do have a purchase option at checkout to buy our full 1 year warranty.


Our Top quality Parrots are vet checked before their departure from USA and are inspected by Aphis and Customs. If you do require an additional vet check for your parrot we will be glad to do at your expense.

In the event your parrot develops an illness or untreatable, life threatening defect, we will offer you another parrot of the same sex, breed and quality for which you paid. You will be responsible for the delivery fees only for your new parrot local or international. When making a claim we require you send us a copy of your initial vet exam and any finding upon that initial exam. We are allowed up to 6 months to replace your parrot as there may not be one available.

We offer a rebate of $150 off any parrot $3000 or less and $300 off any parrot $4500 or more on every parrot if a full year of whole health insurance from Nationwide is purchased before shipping. We will require proof of policy via email stating it was paid up for the year.

If you purchase our Ultimate Parrots less than $3000 and would like a full year warranty we offer an additional one year full warranty for $800 added to the total cost of the parrot. You may choose that option as checkout.

Common Colds and Upper Respiratory Infections in Parrots: Ultimate Parrots will not cover any form of upper respiratory infections after the first 7 Days and must be diagnosed during the first 7 Days.

Commons Symptoms of colds in Parrots are: Shivering, Sneezing, Excessive Nasal Drainage Clear, Cloudy or Green/Yellow mucous from nasal passage, Loss of appetite, and occasional coughing.

We also do recommend if your vet advises any illness to be treated with medication "Clavamox" or "Amoxidrops" for you to get a 2nd opinion as we have found it to be highly ineffective to treat any form of upper respiratory infection in Parrots. Its important to approach any illness with these Parrots aggressively. Please contact us directly for more info if your parrot is diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection as we can give you a list of supplies that could be helpful.

Note: Ultimate Parrots is not a licensed Veterinarian and the info we provide will not treat any illness. We are offering advice based upon years of experience with Ultimate Parrots.

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